The fastest and most vibrant mampurugu star Striker De Donzy has call it off with his management Shams Entertainment.
De Donzy has remained an icon in the northern music industry ever since he shoots into the limelight last year from his village Lingbunsi, thanks to the majority leader DJ Parara.
De Donzy is one of the most talented stars who has won the hearts of thousands of the youth without anyone’s support or management.
It was all joy and happiness from both fans and key loyal industry players when it was announced that Striker De Donzy has been signed onto a well financed and educated gentleman record label, Shams Entertainment of Mr Shamsudeen fame.
Many predicted a brighter future and a blow out year for De Donzy but unfortunately things rather went the other way round.
It broke many hearts as it was announced yesterday 12th March, 2019 that the artist contract with the label has been cancelled.
Speaking to HypeMediaGh, De Donzy explains in tears that his ideas are always labeled as bogus and useless ever since he joined the management.
“My manager has taken every decision into his hands, he does whatever he likes and that is really affecting my career as an artist because most of his ideas are always wrong”…De Donzy said.
He added that, at a point in time Mr Shamsudeen even teaches and shows directors how he wants their videos to be shot, which makes most directors running away from him (De Donzy).
The mampurugu ruler says that everything got worse when he won the Best Discovery Video Of The Year at the Denlloyed Northern Music Video Awards.
He (De Donzy) requested to take the award to greet key personnel’s and chiefs at his native village for their consistent support and votes for him during the awards campaign time, but he’s manager refused, letting to most of his fan base back there turning their back against him.
Mr Shamsudeen later asked De Donzy to go to his village for a week campaign for votes to win the upcoming NEA, which De Donzy sees as impossible looking at the hunger they have towards him currently for overlooking them.
Mr Shamsudeen went mad for the artist refusal, and requested for their contract termination when the star tried explaining his current state with the management to his personal advisor and promoter DJ Parara.
I’m not worried that I’m leaving him, I’m only worried about the fan base I lost through his wicked colonisation…. De Donzy said.

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