GES cuts access to free SHS to aggregate 25

GES cuts access to free SHS to aggregate 25

GES cuts access to Free SHS to Aggregate 25 after a poor show at the 2018 BECE. The performance of candidates according to the GES was discouraging.
Only 50% passed, qualified and really deserved to be in SHS but all candidates were admitted. From the 2019 BECE to be held in June 2019, the pass mark for entering into the SHS, Technical and Vocational Schools will be aggregate 25 or better.

This revelation was contained in a Press Release by the GES. For us at, this is not surprising because making access to SHS free and removing the cut-off point for admission into second cycle institutions implied that, candidates do not need to learn or put in extra effort to pass.

After all, you just have to make aggregate 45 devoid of grade 9 in Maths or English.

When as a nation we meddle with our education system via politics, the best we may get an abysmal performance at the JHS which will harm our children at the SHS.

We are yet to know the position of the government on this decision by the GES. However, if this is implemented, it will lead to a reduction in Double Track Schools as promised by the government. The cost of the policy to the state will reduce since it will not be free of everyone. It will also put candidates on their toes to learn and pass to merit this opportunity.


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